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Volume 6, Number 98 September 28th, 1990


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  • Page 1

    Bard Student Killed in Crash
      -Tom Hickerson
    Meal Exchange in Effect
      -Angela Alexander
    Pro-Choice Activists Arrested at Poughkeepsie Demo
      -Jason Van Driesche
  • Page 2

    Professor James Chace Studied in the School of Real Life
      -Emily Horowitz
    Proposal for Student Center Convenience Store Accepted
      -Tanya Panin
    Saferides Program in Jeopardy
      -Emily Horowitz
    College Life for James Chace
  • Page 3

    For Country and College
    • A Bard student serves in the military [Sergeant Jim Trainor]
        -Kristan Hutchison
    Bard Sponsors Sexual Assault Support Group
      -Greg Giaccio
  • Page 4

    Bard's International Community
      -Andrea J. Stein
    Money to be Won by Applying to Younger Scholar Program
      -Tatiana Prowell
    CD Office to Draw up List of Pre-law and Pre-med Students
      -Jennifer Reck
  • Page 5

    Woodstock: A Place to Shop
      -Laura Serecin
  • Page 6

    Diabetes: A Request for Help
      -Jennifer Eisenmann
    Spandex's Return
      -ZZYZX [David Steinberg]
    Body of Water
      -Ephen Glenn Colter
    My Fat Cats
      -Max Guazzoni
  • Page 7

    Why I Support Operation Desert Shield
      -Jim Trainor
    Club Forum
    • Young Socialist Alliance Statement
    BBLAGA Meetings
      -Jeni Klein
    Debating at Bard
      -Brittany Shahmehri and Jeff BoldenBritta
  • Page 8

    Poem of the Week
      -Patricia Nicolescu
    The Movie Hardware Bytes
      -Gregory Donovan and Jonathan Manitsky
    Pump Up the Volume is Loud and Clear
      -Gregory Donovan and Jonathan Manitsky
  • Page 9

    Olana is the House of Your Dreams
      -Gregory Donovan
    The Plays on Don Juan
      -Colin Gube
  • Page 10

    NEA Restrictions Reflect Society
      -Kristan Hutchison
  • Page 11

    Softball on Sundays: Like Apple Pie, Mom, and Nukin' Figgin' Baghdad
      -Jody Apap
    Booters Fare Poorly Over Weekend
  • Page 13

    Classifieds and personals
  • Page 14

    Outlook From the Editor's Sanctum
    • A rational approach to activism
    Kline Has Plenty of Food, but Few Meal Plans
      -Tom Hickerson
    Late Night Driving Can be Deadly
  • Page 15

    • Soft Porn: Article Biased and Misleading [Response to "Sex or Censorship: No Middle Ground"]
    • Diversity a Plus
        -Donna Ford, Director of the Higher Educa
    • Beer Tax
    • Oops Again!
        -Max Bleyleben, '91
    • Coalition Martyrs [A Passage From Nietzsche's Antichrist]
        -Dean Barker, Terence Brown, and Carolyn


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