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Volume 4, Number 97 February 23rd, 1990


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  • Page 1

    What now? The Future of the Coalition for Choice
      -Keightie Sherron
    Parking Space: If it's not Full of Potholes, then it's Probably not Legal
      -Jason Van Driesche
    Students Suspended for Harassment at Simon's Rock
      -Jason Van Driesche
  • Page 2

    Parliamentarian Position Proposed
      -Jason Van Driesche
    Vassar Students Take Over Building
      -Joe Schmidt
    Frumkin hope to Bring New Alcohol Awareness to Bard
      -Elizabeth Champ
    Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals Unite
      -Jennifer Reeves
  • Page 3

    Students Pursue the Missing Link in Tetrahymena pyiformis: The Kreb Cycle
      -Ian McGrady
    A Brief History of Bard's Tetrahymena pyiformis projects
  • Page 4

    Leon Botstien: On Bard, Budgets and Bowties
  • Page 6

    Erasure Parties on the Wild Side
      -Tom Hickerson and David Biele
  • Page 7

    Catch the Mystery Train
      -Emily Horowitz
    Top Secret "Conehead" Transmitters Discovered
      -John C. Fout
  • Page 8

    • Doug Dowdy New Intramural Director
    • Men's Volleyball Drops Two
        -Jody Apap
  • Page 10

    Be Visible
      -David Biele
    Roaming Pets in Danger
      -Robin Cook
    This Concerns You
      -Max Guazzoni
  • Page 11

    Letters to the Editor
    • Democratic Process was Followed
    • Women's Rights
    • Brownshirt Politics
  • Page 12



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