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Volume 13, Number 96 December 1st, 1989


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  • Page 1

    Asbestos on Campus
      -Edward Eigerman
    Rape: An Act of Hate
      -Valerie Scurto
    Miller Runs for County Legislator
      -Jason Van Driesche and Valerie Scurto
    Sexual Health at Bard
      -Edward Eigerman
  • Page 2

    Fall Intergenerational Seminars Offered at Bard
      -Jason Van Driesche
    Computer Center Update
      -Edward Eigerman
    Library Computers Stolen
      -Amara Wiley
  • Page 3

    As the Berlin Wall Crumbles…
      -Jonah Gensler
    The California Quake: Being there
      -Fernando Luera
  • Page 4

    Students Literary Works Featured in Bard Publications
      -Tom Hickerson
    Dissection: An Avoidable Killing…or a Necessary Evil?
      -Sarah Chenven
  • Page 5

    Indoor tennis Raises Serious Question
      -David J. Geil
    A Fresh Look
    • With a little help from my friends
        -David Biele
  • Page 6

    Jackie Mason Lets Loose the Laughs
      -David Biele
    Visiting Professor Lectures on the Golden Age of Photography
      -Jen Anonia
  • Page 7

    Forgotten in the Flood
      -Seth Hollander
    Black Dahlia --Not Delilah
      -Robin Cook
    Dance Theatre IV, 1989
  • Page 8

    • Bard Basketball Opens Season with Winning Record, 3-1
    • Albany Pharmacy 11/14
    • Maritime Tip-off Tournament 11/17-8
    • St Joe's of Brooklyn 11/21
    • Squash Tournament at Bard
        -Jody Apap
    Fencing in the Spring
      -Tom Hickerson
  • Page 10

    Outlook From the Editors Sanctum
    • Change is Needed in the Bard Condom Policy
    • Bard Papers need Editor
    • Are Drugs really that Great?
    • Gee, Mr. PC, may I have a Condom?
  • Page 11

    • Yesilada's Defense of Habit Doesn't Wash with Reader
    • An Open Challenge to Max Guazzoni
    • Holy Smokes
  • Page 12



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