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Volume 11, Number 96 November 10th, 1989


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  • Page 1

    Yes, Virginia, there IS a Bard Alcohol Policy
      -Jason Van Driesche
    Students Uncover Grouse Bluff
      -Brenda Montgomery
    Where have all the Trash Cans Gone?
      -Cara Garinger and Jennifer Poitras
  • Page 2

    Botstein's quest for $78 Million
      -Markus Olin-Fahle
    Nobel Laureate to Speak at Bard
      -Matthew Deady
    Sex on the Printed Page
      -Simon Campbell
  • Page 3

    Bookstore Problems Addressed
      -Tom Hickerson
    Learning Differences are not Disabilities
      -Michael Von Der Linn
    Amnesty International On Campus and Off
      -Sarah Chenven
  • Page 4

    Debating Society comes to Bard
      -Andrea J. Stein
    Bard Chorus: Simply Magnificent
      -David Biele
  • Page 5

    A Long Walk Down a Short Road
    Our Environment: Leaves of Autumn Grace Bard
      -Jen Anonia
  • Page 6

    Beer Column:
    • Some Like it Darků
        -Jody Apap and Chris Hancewicz
    Spend "An Evening with Jackie Manson"
      -David Biele
    Rock Without A Home: "American Bands"
      -Seth Hollander
    More Comedy
    • Rising Comedy Star to Help Those Post Midterm Blues
    • Howie Hits Poughkeepsie
  • Page 7

    Internationally Renowned Yugoslavian Cellist to Perform at Bard College
    Dance Theatre III, 1989
      -Max Guazzoni
  • Page 8

    • Men's Soccer Finishers at 4-12-1
        -Jody Apap
    • Squash Team in Action
        -Jason Van Driesche
    • Richman and Wallace-Senft to Represent Bard at Nationals
        -Jody Apap
    • Women's Volleyball Team Makes the Semi-finals
        -Jody Apap
  • Page 9

    Oat Dates
    Comedy Contest
  • Page 10

    • Saferides Officers Respond to Charges of Condoning Alcohol Abuse
    • Movies in Student Center No Good if You Can't Breathe
    • A Plea on Behalf of Warden's Hall
    • Displeasure with "Open Letters to Smokers"
  • Page 11

    More Saferides
    Coordinating Drugs and Alcohol
      -Jim Trainor
    East German Scholar Speaks at Bard
      -Jason Van Driesche
  • Page 12



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