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Volume 10, Number 96 November 3rd, 1989


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  • Page 1

    The Kline Management
      -Edward Eigerman
    Venturi to Expand Library
      -Cormac Flynn
    Lady of Letters Dies
  • Page 2

    Local Elections
      -Jody Apap
    Prank or Prowler: Vandalism Strikes Again
      -Lyn Clinton
    Asian Program Started at Bard
      -Jason Van Driesche
  • Page 3

    Bardmoms and Bardads Speak Bardparents' Day
      -David Biele
    Requiem for a City
      -Jennifer Eisenmann
  • Page 4

    Costumed Partiers Bring Home Treats
      -Kristan Hutchison
    CV Magazine Targets Students
      -Kristan Hutchison
    A Fresh Look: The return of the king
      -David Biele
  • Page 5

    January Break Offers Opportunities to Bard Students
      -Kristan Hutchison
  • Page 6

    Beer Column
    • German Beers
        -Chris Hancewicz and Jody Apap
    Poughkeepsie's Chance Hosts Phishly goings on for Halloween
      -Robin Cook
    A Magnanimous New Production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest"
      -Wade Savitt
  • Page 7

    Dylan Plays Poughkeepsie: A Down in the Groove Show
      -Markus Olin-Fahle
  • Page 8

    • Soccer Teams Impress Their Folks; Women Tie 1-1, Men Lose 1-0
        -Jody Apap
    Lifestyle Improvement Program
  • Page 9

    Sports Schedule
    • Many Rivers Crossed from Shang Hai to Bard for Yu-Bo
        -Lyn Clinton
    X-Country Teams Both Place Third at Home
    Flo Kennedy Coming to Bard
      -Keith Winkelman
  • Page 10

    • Calendar Supporter
    • Harrassment
    • Chrysler in danger of Being Unwitting agent of Latvian Destruction
    • Open Letter to Smokers
  • Page 11

    Outlook From The Editor's Sanctum
    • The Long, Hard Road
    The Inside Story
      -Daniel Bohn
  • Page 12



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