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Volume 2, Number 96 September 8th, 1989


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  • Page 1

    High School Seniors to Become Distinguished Scientists
      -Nancy Seaton
    SJB Revises By-Laws; Student Powers Increase
    Faculty Pay Raise
      -Valerie Scurto
  • Page 2

    Food for Thought: Some Opinions about the food Service
      -Lyn Clinton
  • Page 3

    New Professors and Staff
  • Page 4

    A Freshman's Impressions of Bard
      -David Biele
  • Page 5

    Are You Going To the Renaissance Fair?
      -Claudia Smith
    Take an International Minute
      -Robin Cook
  • Page 6

    An Evening of Classical Music
      -Patricia Nicolescu
  • Page 7

    • Give Your Time or Money for the Right to Choose
    • Jello Preview in Bad Taste
  • Page 8

    Fun and Games at the Harvest Fair
      -Kristan Hutchison


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