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Volume 6, Number 95 May 4th, 1989


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  • Page 1

    Junior Fellowships Announced
      -Valerie Scurto
    Botstein Envisions Reforms
      -Cormac Flynn
  • Page 2

    Campus News
    • Seeking Organ Donors
        -Cormac Flynn
    Campus News
    • Bard College Remembers Holocaust Victims
        -Kristan Hutchison
  • Page 3

    • College Press Service/NBC
    Since "LA Law" Aired, Law Schools Have Been Flooded With Applicants
      -Jake Gaffigan
    Law Students Strike For Minority Professors
  • Page 4

    • Respect for Purgatory
        -Ana Checo
    • Cartoon
    • Outdated Myth
        -Donna M. Ford
    • Political Cartoon
        -Trever Albuquerque Journal CPS
  • Page 5

    Letters To The Editor
    • Proposed Changes? President Botstein Sets The Facts Straight
        -Leon Botstein, President
    Letters To The Editor
    • Tewksbury Beer Balls, Go Home!
        -Scott Heckendorff, Co-Chairperson
  • Page 6

    Continuation Of Previous Articles
  • Page 7

    A Particularly Graphic Page
    • Zoo U.
        -Mark Weitzman CPS
    A Particularly Graphic Page
    • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle
  • Page 8

    Beyond Bard
    • Historic Sites
        -Robin Cook
    Learn Film In Woodstock
    Soviet Union Tours
  • Page 9

    Institute for Popular Economics
      -Amara Willey
    Study Abroad
    • An International Education Column
    Win Big Bucks In Poetry Contest
  • Page 10

    Bard Handles Deadly Disease Positively
      -Matt Duda
    Creative Moments For Older Folks
  • Page 11

    Health Talk: The Kissing Disease is Isolated
    • Mononucleosis Discussed
    Measles Scares Fun Away
  • Page 12

    When Alcohol Becomes A Problem
      -Amara Willey
  • Page 13

    Arts And Entertainment
    • A Lighthearted Exploration Of Dante
        -Robin Cook
    Arts And Entertainment
    • Visual Aids In Olin
        -Ana Checo
    Arts And Entertainment
    • Bad Movie of the Month
        -Jenny Bach
  • Page 14

    Dance Reviews
    • "Wild Thing, I Think I Love You"
        -Amara Willey
    Dance Reviews
    • "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"
        -Amara Willey
  • Page 15

    A Baron To Love From High Branches
    Hudson Valley Events
    • Film
    • Music
    • Poetry
  • Page 16

    Ring Round the Moon
    American Bandstand: The Show That Wouldn't Die


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