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Volume 2, Number 95 February 23rd, 1989


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  • Page 1

    Computerized Registration
      -Robin Cook
    Dean Meets Students
      -Valerie Scurto
    Hiss Chair
      -Emily Horowitz
    Acting Director Lilla Wilson
      -Lisa DeTora
  • Page 2

    Campus News
    • Semi-formal
        -Kristin Hutchison
    Campus News
    • Amnesty International Returns to Bard
        -Chris Wise
    Campus News
    • B&G Gets Contracts
        -Jim Trainor
  • Page 3

    Conventus Classicus
      -Sean Mulholland
    Field School Presentation
      -Chris Lindner
    New Publication Planned
      -Nina DiNatale
      -Amara Willey
    LASO Events
      -Ana Checo
  • Page 4

    • Outlook From The Editor's Sanctum
    • History Of Smoking
        -Cormac Flynn
    • Birth Control Options
        -Laura Giletti
  • Page 5

    Letters To The Editor
    • Have Some Respect
        -James Trainor
    Letters To The Editor
    • BLAGA is not Women's Center
        -Joan T. Mielke
  • Page 6

    How to get into Medical School
      -Rebecca Ames
    Dominican Paranda
      -Ana Checo
  • Page 7

    Health Talk
    Political Cartoon
    • Branch San Antonio Express News CPS
    The Campus Abortion Battle Heats Up
      -Michael O'Keefe
  • Page 8

    A Particularly Graphic Page
    • The Babbling Brook
        -The Girl With Pink Glasses
    A Particularly Graphic Page
    • Cartoons
  • Page 9

    Quotes of the Issue:
      -Henry Kissinger, Jean Kerr
  • Page 10

    Continuation Of Previous Articles
  • Page 11

    The Weekly Crossword Puzzle
  • Page 12

    Puzzle Solution
  • Page 13

    Arts & Entertainment
    • Subversive Photos
        -Fernando Luera
    Arts & Entertainment
    • Contest
    Arts & Entertainment
    • Her Alibi, My Review
        -Jenny Bach
    Arts & Entertainment
    • New Arts Editor
        -Chris Bonnell
  • Page 14

    Rare Air
    Entertainment Committee Restructured
      -Daphne Gottlieb
    Peter Stambler Reads from Shespak Papers
      -Laurie Wurm
  • Page 15

    Schiffmacher on Art Symposium
      -Robert Santos & Dirk de Jong
  • Page 16



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