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Volume 5, Number 1 September 20th, 1984


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  • Page 1

    Safety Concerns Heighten; An Attempted Rape, New Security Head
      -Christina Griffith Managing Editor
    Club Budgets Face Ratification Tonight
      -Scott Pass Editor in Chief
    Top 10 Club Budgets Fall 1984
    The Experience of "Me"
  • Page 2

    Educators Give Deagan Low Marks
    • "President's Education Policy Doesn't Exist" - Botstein
        -Scott Pass Editor in Chief and The Colle
    Educators Give Deagan Low Marks
    • Campaign '84
  • Page 3

    Campus News Briefs
    • Bard Observer Changes
    • "Wellness Evaluation" Program
    • About Your Car . . .
    Campus News Briefs
    • A Note From The Dean . . .
        -Stuart Levine Dean of the College
    National College News
    • Over The Summer:
      • Supreme Court Okays Solomon Amendment
      • Pirgs Win A Victory, But Pennsylvania Student Group Loses
      • Administration, Then Court Deal Blows To Faculty Unions
      • Supreme Court Deregulates TV Coverage Of College Football
      • Parents
  • Page 4

    • 160
    Not Exactly News
      -Scott Pass
    Political Cartoon
      -Trever Albuquerque Journal CPS
    • Why Meal Interchange Is A Problem
        -Karen Briefer
    • Wanted: Hot Water
        -Gray and Dingy
  • Page 5

    Calendar Of Events
    Housing Shortage Problems
      -Nancy Kleid Staff Writer
    Quote of the Issue
      -Daniel Webster
  • Page 6

    Theft Curbs WXBC
      -Juliana Spahr Staff Writer
    New Staff In Admissions
      -Betta Anachini Staff Writer
    Clubs And Organizations
    • "Ethnic Fair" Planned
    • CEIN Formed
    Bard's New Faculty
      -Michelle Preli Staff Writer
  • Page 7

    The Arts
    • "Land Marks" Opens At Blum
        -Thea Mohr Arts Page Director
    The Arts
    • Auditioning - Sometimes An Ordeal
        -Amanda Maguire Staff Writer
  • Page 8

  • Page 9

    Remember the Preppy Handbook? Well, Birnbach's At It Again
      -Ellen Barker Features Editor
  • Page 10

    Bank Statement
  • Page 11

    Continuation Of Previous Article
  • Page 12

    • Men's Soccer
        -Dan Scholten Sports Writer
    • Women's Volleyball
        -Dorothy Atcheson Sports Editor
    • Cross Country
        -Tim Leshan Sports Writer


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