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Volume 9, Number 24 May 6th, 1981


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  • Page 1

    Military Industrial Conflict
    Quote From Major General Smedley Butler, Commander, U.S. Marine Corps, 1935
    Editor's Note
    Mother Russia
    • CPS
    Demilitarization: The New Raw Deal
  • Page 2

    The Major Reagan Cuts (In Millions)
    • Coalition For A New Foreign And Military Policy
    U.S. Intervention Abroad
    • U.S. Congress, Committee on Foreign Affairs; 91st Congress, 2nd Session, 1970
  • Page 3

    Central America
      -Alice Knapp
    • CPS
  • Page 4

    • Prisoner Status Bobby Sands And The Hunger Strike
        -Tom Kelly
    Bobby Sands
      -Jeanne LeGouis and Tom Kelly
  • Page 5

    • Why Retain Clark Amendment? (From The Washington Office on Africa)
      • From ["Coalition Close-up" Coalition For A New Foreign And Military Policy"]
    Ronnie Sends 100 Green Berets To Liberia
  • Page 6

    • NATO Raises Nuclear Ante
    Mid East
    • PLO ECT
        -Robert Nedelkoff
    • U.S. Empire Strikes Back
        -Jonathan Bennett
  • Page 7

    MX Missile
    In Defense Of Unborn Submarines
      -Jed Schwartz
  • Page 8

    Military Epidemic In Schools
    "I Would Feel Comfortable In Going To War Tomorrow"
      -Anne Lintner
  • Page 9

    Political Cartoon
    Yes Virginia, We Did Win The Viet Nam War
      -Anne Lintner
  • Page 10

    FBI Given OK To Spy
  • Page 12

    Ground Zero Club
    • What Would You Do In The Event Of A Nuclear War?


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