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Volume 2, Number 13 March 26th, 1975


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  • Page 1

    Selinger Quits
      -Priscilla Natkins
    Trooper Blooper
      -David N. Schlesinger
  • Page 2

    Breast Is Best
    There's Got To Be A Morning After
  • Page 3

    Get Your Cookies Off
  • Page 4

    Unification Thought
      -Steven Pouchie
    Front Organizations
    • New education Development Corporation Center for Ethical Management and Planning
  • Page 5

    Poetic Justice
      -Douglas MacLeoud
    Cilo & the Archetype
      -Lori Chips
  • Page 6

    Behind Closed Doors
    • Courtesy of Cinema Matrix
    Bard's Shorts
      -Kevin Lathrop
  • Page 7

    Bard's Progress in Art?
      -S. A. Erikson
    Politics of Fuck You
      -Otto Langhanke
  • Page 8

    An Open Letter To Leon Botstein
    Good Trash
      -Jeff Connor
  • Page 9

    Spindle, Mutilate & Fold
      -Angelo DePalma
  • Page 10

    Chemistry in Action
      -Jamie Fishman
    Tycho De Brahe
      -Paul Cyrus Bray
  • Page 11

    Continuation Of Previous Articles
  • Page 12

    It's The Amazing Newshow
    Quote From Richard Nixon
    Quote From Gerald Ford
  • Page 13

    • Bucky Bug Sez . .
      • Roarr
      • Bucky Bug Sez
        -Dan O'Neill


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