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Volume 1, Number 14 February 26th, 1971


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  • Page 1

    Government Trips On Wires
      -Dana Ahlgren
      -The Fifth State
    ["How many Physics majors are stuck with books from Narrative Modes that they will . . ."]
      -Eric Arnould
  • Page 2

    Budget Committee Recommendation For Spring 1971 Rubble
      -Lydia Ayers
    Free Phone
  • Page 3

    Senate President Lis Semel
  • Page 4

    Pathet LAO Pleased; Allies Pathetic
      -Kurt Hill
    News From Vassar
  • Page 5

    Three American Films
    • Five Easy Pieces
      • Little Big Man
      • Diary Of A Madhouse Wife
        -Larry Gross
    Notes On An 'Artists' Paradise'
    • I - The Rostropovich Letter
        -Sol Louis Siegel
    Student Films
      -Larry Gross
  • Page 6

    Spring Films
    • March
      • February
      • April
  • Page 7

    Film Committee Members
    Special: War And Peace
  • Page 8

    Inner College
    Bard Lands
      -Erik Kiviat
    Eros & Psyche
      -Sol Louis Siegel
    Food Co-Op
  • Page 9

    Memorandum To The Sport
    • Final Suspension of Diplomatic Relations
        -Adam Thorne
  • Page 10

    It's The Amazing Newshow
    The Sandwich Ladies Are Here!!!
  • Page 11

    Continuation Of Previous Articles
  • Page 12

    Fat Freddy's Cat
      -Gilbert Shelton


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