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Volume 15, Number 13 September 15th, 1970


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  • Page 1

    Neal Koblitz A Political Prisoner
      -Frank Montafia
    College Deficit Of $90,000
    Slater Feels Pinch
      -David Schardt
  • Page 2

    • [" . . . Lost my wallet in . . . Two Bard students found and turned it over . . ."]
        -William H. Jordan
    • ["Encounter or sensitivity groups were considered to be a passing fad . . ."]
        -Marguerite L. Buccino
    Ad Hoc
    • Weekly Bits of Rumor Concerning Student, Faculty and Administrative Political Machinations, the Old Nixon, Dutchess County and the State of Tennessee vs. John Thomas Scopes
        -Jeffrey Raphaelson
  • Page 3

    Can A Student At Bard Major In Film?
      -John Katzenbach
    The Fifth Column
    • What Is Imperialism?
        -Kurt Hill
  • Page 4

    Sam Bard Busted
    Bard Lands
    A Womb On Strike
      -Brandy French (Daily Cal)
  • Page 5

    Those Fabulous Freak Brothers
    Fat Freddy's Cat
      -Gilbert Shelton
  • Page 6

    Huey On: Hip Culture, Imperialism, Women's Liberation, Suicide . . .
      -John Bancroft and David Fenton (LNS)
    Quote From Eldridge Cleaver
  • Page 7

    Continuation Of Previous Article
  • Page 8

    It's The Amazing Newshow
    Midnight Rambler
      -Michael Harvey
  • Page 9

    New Haven Verdict No Surprise
    • Quote From Lonnie McLucas
        -Frank Montafia
  • Page 10

    Friends Cool Draft
      -Marguerite Buccino
  • Page 11

  • Page 12

    • The Radical Reptile For Mayor
        -Bill Crawford


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