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Volume 7, Number 13 April 8th, 1970


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  • Page 1

    Lower College Of Bard Unite! . . .
      -Gene Baker, Mark, Kanovos, and Michael L
  • Page 2

    ["The current moderation strike in the Government department was inevitable."]
    Access To Systems
      -Geoff Cahoon
    • ["The sage of Hysteria, Abbie Hoffman, advertises thusly in your paper: . . ."]
        -The Headless Horseman
  • Page 3

    Tim Leary Gets Ten Years
    Earth Action
    Weather Bureau Busted
    Hair Out
  • Page 4

    Dr. Hip Pocrates Talks About Drugs And Sex
      -Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D.
  • Page 5

    Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D.
      -Ross Skoggard, Joe Lemonnier and Lily Ki
  • Page 6

    The Day Pot Goes To Market
  • Page 8

    Cat Of Nine Tails
    • The Sophomoric Ogre . . . Or From The People Who Brought You Tenure, Now,
        -John Katzenbach
    • The Ineradicable Radical Reptile"Moratorium Day"
        -Bill Crawford
  • Page 9

    Abbie Hoffman
    Mass. Votes No On Viet Service
    Abortion Bill Not Dead Yet
  • Page 10

    What The Hell Is A Woman?
    • Bard Womans Liberation Presents The Fifth In A Series . . .
    Bus To Bard
  • Page 11

    Midnight Ramblerb
      -Michael Harvey
    Quote From A Report By Clergy And Laymen Concerned About Vietnam
    Mother Bell


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