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Volume 3, Number 13 March 11th, 1970


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  • Page 1

    ["An Indian is only six feet tall. . . White man, what do you know?"]
    Divisional Reform
  • Page 2

    ["You can get some idea of what Outward Bound is all about by reading . . ."]
    ["A projectionists co-op at Bard seems like a fine idea."]
    • ["Registration was degrading."]
        -David Schardt
    • [" . . . Column proposal . . . Would be called Cosmic Crossroads."]
        -Mary Cizeck and Marjorie Tomkins
    • [" . . . What it SOUNDS like is that you're priming us for a stampede."]
        -Michael Ventura
    • New York Telephone Rate Increases
  • Page 3

    Fuzz Want Dope On Dope
    Review: Play About 'Now'
    • Quote, written by Robert Rockman and directed by William Driver
    Dr. Hip Pocrates
      -Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D.
    Stomping Good Time
    Student Trustees
  • Page 4

    Outward Bound
  • Page 6

    Goodbye To All That
      -Robin Morgan (WITCH)
  • Page 8

    History Dept. Withdraws
    Board Approves New Dorm Financing
    Cat Of Nine Tails
    • The Student As A Body . . . Or Anarchy Can Be Fun As Well As Profitable
        -John Katzenbach
  • Page 9

    Free MOMA
    NWRO To Albany
  • Page 10

    Midnight Rambler
      -Michael Harvey
    Clubs On Co-Op
  • Page 11

    Bilson Plays Bard Hall
    Maybe It's Not The News That's Managed, Maybe It's The Events
    Maine Oil Found
    In The City


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