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Volume 24, Number 12 December 10th, 1969


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  • Page 1

    Support The Strike Demands:
    • 1. Carl Black Be Rehired2. All Faculty Meetings Open To Public3. Minutes, Outlines & Agendas Of All Proceedings Be Furnished To Students
    [" . . . The recently dissolved EPC . . . Alleged firing of Bard literature professor Carl Black."]
      -John Katzenbach
  • Page 2

    Koblitz On Japan
    State Narcs Look 'Hip'
      -Tom McAndrew
    Faculty Concert
    Sex Study
  • Page 3

    Bard Grad Makes Good
      -Birgit Winslow
    Dr. Hip Pocrates
      -Eugene Schoenfeld
    Gargoyle Staff Censured
  • Page 4

    • Let It Bleed
  • Page 5

    ["This issue of the Observer is the last for the semester and the last under my editorship."]
    • An Open Letter To The Community On Faculty Accountability
      • Lis Semel, EPC Chairman
      • Ruth Danon
      • Tom Villano
      • Paula Lockard, AMDD
      • Ken Daly, AMDD
      • David Mydans
      • Charles Johnson
      • Bob Mayer
      • Jim Weinberg
  • Page 6

    Museum Show By Carl Black
    • Relevancy And The Visual Arts
  • Page 7

  • Page 8

    Cat Of Nine Tails
    • Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Folly . . . Or, Yours Is Not To Reason Why, Etc.
    Black's Response
  • Page 9

    Photograph Of Fred Hampton, Deputy Chairman, Illinois Chapter Black Panther Party
  • Page 10

    Order Of Draft Drawing
    New SS Director
    Art At Vassar
    Scientist Quits
    Dow Drops Napalm
    Cornell Ombudsman
  • Page 11

    Antioch Expands Board
    Prisoner Dies In Plunge
    Indians Claim Alcatraz


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