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Volume 11, Number 10 December 19th, 1967


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  • Page 1

    David Crabbs To Run Balloon Next Senate Adjourns
      -Sarah van Leer
    Edmonds Remains President by 56% 28 Write-In Votes
    New Food Service Expects To Start In Spring Term
    Hodgkinson To Spend Spring Leave With West Coast Study
    Proctors Find Drugs On 2 Stirring Fear and Protest
      -Heiman, Kabat and Munichiello
    Faculty Anti-War Consider A Tax Protest
      -Hatti Heiman
    Photo Works By Dr. Bertelsmann To Be Exhibited
    Police Search Car with Bard Sticker For Marijuana
      -Alvin Rosenbaum
  • Page 2

    The Prestige Isn't Worth It
    Letters To The Editor
    • Students Confronted By Vietnam Veteran
        -Jane Atwood
    Movie Review
    • The Graduate
        -Dana Haussamen
    A Graceful Patsy Against A Dirty Fighter
      -I. F. Stone
  • Page 4

    "Decline at Bard"
    • Drop Out!
        -Allen Batteau


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