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Volume 10, Number 10 December 5th, 1967


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  • Page 1

    Dunkelbarger, Edmonds Vie for Senate President
    • Budgets Granted; Senate To Appeal Train Service Cut
        -Sarah van Leer
    "Decline at Bard"
    • Experimentation as a Continuing Process
        -Allen Batteau
    Evaluation Form Simplified by EPC Will Appear Thurs.
    Stop The Draft Week Begins Across U.S.
    • Resisters Meet at Vassar; Albany Fed. Refuses Cards
      • Whitehall Draft Center Is Focus of NY Resistance
        -Hatti Heiman
    Bard 'Fast' Funds To Assist Nation's Poor People
      -Randy Baier
    Proctor Exhibit Stresses Changes In Mid-60's Style
  • Page 2

    Write-In A Shake-Up
    Senate Race . . .
      -Phil Dunkelberger and Robert C. Edmonds
    Drama Review
    • Sgt. Musgrave's Dance
      • Dir. By David Crabbs
        -Peter Munichiello
  • Page 3

    About The Formal
    Bard College Calendar
    Klines' Guest To Discuss Formation of Taste in U.S.
  • Page 4

    Rep. Resnick Says 'Peace Dems' Are Misleading Public


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