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Volume 9, Number 10 November 28th, 1967


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    Senate Rejects 'Food Service'; Sponsor Orphan
    Batteau Now Heads EPC; Evaluations Work Begun
    Senate Elections For Six Seats Open Wednesday
    • Douglas Kabat
    • Nancy Lovallo
    • Mark Rosenstein
    • Sherrie Rubin
    Double Feature Split on Weekend; Also Sunday Film
    Student Life Comm. Polls 200 On Aspects Of Bard
    Army Admits Infiltrators Were Used At Pentagon
      -Bill Hobbs, Washington Free Press
    ACE Predicts Grad. Deferments Only In Health Sciences
      -Sarah van Leer
    Peace Corps Vows "Active Role" In Draft Appeals
      -Robert A. Hatch
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    Senate Elections
    A Balanced Budget-Soon
    Dec. 4-9
    • The Resistance
        -Hatti Heiman and Douglas Kabat
    Letters To The Editor
    • Resentment of Pres. Johnson Personality or Politics?
        -Daniel Kukulski
    Letters To The Editor
    • Craft Show Was Not Reported
        -Muriel DeGre
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    Bard College Calendar


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