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Volume 2, Number 10 October 3rd, 1967


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  • Page 1

    Club Gets $200 For Bus; Favus Resigns Senate
      -Joan Kaye
    Black, Barre & Tieger Join Faculty
    • Carl Black
        -Robert Judd
    Black, Barre & Tieger Join Faculty
    • Jean-Claude Barre
        -Peter Minichiello
    Black, Barre & Tieger Join Faculty
    • Bernard Tieger
        -Francis Fleetwood
    The Decline of Education at Bard'
    "Meta-Hippie" Knocks Acid; Favors Eastern Spiritualism
      -Phil Luber and Bruce Arnold
    Marker & Bresson Movies Shown On This Sunday Night
    Kline Seeking Big State Subsidy; Budget In 'Black'
  • Page 2

    A Rush of Doubts
    Conversations with Myself
      -William Sherman
    Art Review
    • The Ducornet Show
        -Dana Haussamen
  • Page 3

    Bard College Calendar


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