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Volume 1, Number 10 September 26th, 1967


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  • Page 1

    Senate Grants Clubs Funds
      -Peter Minichiello
    "Light Show" Dance Sat For This Sat.
    U. of Cal. Tuition Is Up & Down As State Argues
    Slater Earns $303 Million In Fiscal '66; Growth Of 19%
      -Eugene Kahn
    Library Gains 3 On Staff And $6,000 Grant
      -Kenneth Vermes
    15 New To Bard Faculty
    • History
      • Thomas Green
        -Matthew Perlstein
    15 New To Bard Faculty
    • Economics
      • Richard Wiles
        -Molly Kigler
    Speaker Tonight on "Psychedelics & Meher Baba"
      -Brad Gunn
  • Page 2

    Beware The Outside World
    Conversations with Myself
      -William Sherman
    "Bonnie & Clyde"
    • Violence & Crowther
        -Peter Minichiello
  • Page 3

    Skiff Tells EPC Forum Bard "Not Very Innovative"
      -Bruce Arnold
    Oct. 15 Date Set on Fulbright Hays Research Grants
    Lampeter Muse Needs Poems & Prose
    Rosenbaum Gives 2nd Photo Course
    Bard College Calendar
  • Page 4

    Troy Editor Expelled For Criticizing College
    Advisor System Aids New Comers At Orientation
      -Dana Haussamen and Robert Judd
  • Page 6

    Landes Has Hopes For Incoming Class
      -Joan Kaye


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