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Volume 17, Number 9 March 28th, 1967


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  • Page 1

    Heller's Motion To Suspend Thieves Approved by Council
      -Eugene Kahn
    Faculty Speaks Out On Draft and War
    • Prof. Heller
    • Mrs. Stambler
    • Prof. Skiff
    • Prof. Oja
    • Prof. Clarke
    • Prof. Koblitz
    • Mr. Fessler
        -Linda Potter and Margaret Aulisio
    Library To Sell Books At .25-$1.00
    Frosh Dorms Suggested At Open Talk
      -Bob Judd
    Dr. Koblitz Runs For Mayor Of Scarsdale-Gets 23%
    Kenneth Dover, Prof. Of Classics, Plans A Lecture
      -Matthew Perlstein
    Julius Moul, Taxi Driver, Dies in Crash
  • Page 2

    A Lack Of Insight
    A Little Paper Work
    Conversations with Myself
      -William Sherman
    Letters To The Editor
    • Library Vandalism
        -Devorah Tarrow
    The Use of Myth By W. S. Merwin
      -Robert Rivlin
  • Page 4

    Campus Notes
    Bard College Calendar


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