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Volume 16, Number 9 March 21st, 1967


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  • Page 1

    Dr. Kline Favors Present System, Dean Is For Lottery-Choice
      -Matthew Perlstein
    Preminger Won't Film Hershey Book On Bard Campus
      -Molly Kigler
    Council: McClellan Replace Rochlis, Protesters Given 2-Points
      -Joan Kaye
    Campus Poll Shows 79% Favor 2-S; Lottery opposed
      -Doug Kabat
    Johnson Seeks Changes In Draft
      -Peter Minichiello
  • Page 2

    Sammataro Gets W. W. Fellowship; 4 Are Mentioned
    "Open City" Shows Nazi Occupation
      -Margaret Aulisio
    Bard Opens Classes To Disadvantaged Youths
    William Wilson, Bard '48, Now Teaches Literature Here
    Miss Keathley Teaching Here
    Central Hudson Plans Atom Plant Near Cruger's Is.
      -Matthew Perlstein
  • Page 3

    Students Speak On Johnson's Draft Plan
    • Bill Johannes
    • Barry Fruchter
    • Jeff Levy
    • Bell Society
    • Arlene Krebs
    • Garry Bratman
    • Bruce Lieberman
    "Wait and See", Says Mrs. Quinn
    Sudden Death
    Right Combination
    Quote From Lincoln Steffens
  • Page 4

    Time To Take Notice
    The Dean's Service
    Conversations with Myself
      -William Sherman
    Letters To The Editor
    • Thanks Entertainment Committee
        -Mary Lee Settle
    Letters To The Editor
    • Bertelsmann On "Democratic Service"
        -Heinz Bertelsmann
    A President For All Seasons
      -Harvey Fleetwood
  • Page 5

    Griffiths Calls B&G Rumors Unfounded
      -Glenn Bristow
    Bard College Calendar
  • Page 6

    Profs. Are Blamed For Unrest
    Honors List
    • Spring 1967 Semester
    Folk Group Wins Upstate Contest
      -Fredi Towbin
    "Failed To Control Students"
    • Poll Shows Kerr Ouster Approved By 6% Margin
  • Page 7

    L.S.D. Debate Continues On College Campuses
      -Steven A. Bookhester
    R.O.T.C. Training Manual
    Quote From Knute Rockne
    Quote From Free Speech Movement Motto 1964
    Quote From Free Speech Movement Motto 1966
    Quote From Alexander Meiklejohn
    Words Of Benjamin Nelson
    Quote From S.N.N.C. Slogan
  • Page 8

    BRAC Sets Up "Negro" Library In Kingston


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