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Volume 14, Number 9 March 7th, 1967


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  • Page 1

    Princetonians Rate Bard Life
      -Joan Kaye
    Coover Wins Faulkner Award
      -Margaret Aulisio
    Move To Slash Observer Funds Fails In Council
    Bard Senior Offers Photo Course At $25
    Assembly Doubts Stem From Krieger Ruling
      -Eugene M. Kahn
    Senior Women Freed of Curfew
  • Page 2

    Council $15,000 Alloted Last Night
    Ted Weiss Reads Poetry On Wed.
    Hodgkinson Authors New Sociology Book
  • Page 4

    Freedom Of Speech
      -E. M. K. (D. H., R. N., P. M.)
    Secret Meetings
    Conversation with Myself
      -William Sherman
    Letters To The Editor
    • Where Not To Find The Facts
        -Dana Haussamen and Richard N. Naylor
    Letters To The Editor
    • Prostituted Rules
        -Bruce Lieberman
    Letters To The Editor
    • Hypocritical Rules
        -Mark Winters
    The Meeting
    • Goodguys, And The Badguys
        -Harvey Fleetwood
  • Page 5

    Art Review
    • Sullivan and de Gogorza
        -Dana Haussamen
  • Page 6

    FDA Uses Agents Against Campus Drug Users
      -Steven A. Bookshester
  • Page 7

    Jane Jacobs, Urban Expert, Here Tonight


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