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Volume 3, Number 8 October 26th, 1965


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  • Page 1

    Soccer Team Wins First!
    • First Win Since 1963
    Alumni Assembly
    Dean Approves Plan To Abolish Traffic Fines
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["I find Mr. Irwin's cynicism a great deficit and dishonor . . ."]
        -Chevy Chase
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["I quite agree that the 'odious Informer' should be able to openly attach . . ."]
        -Roy Levin
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["Aram Saroyan's mistitled Literary review which appeared . . ."]
        -Francis Fleetwood
    Bardians Attend Meeting On Ethics And Morality
      -Peter Municello
    Directing Project '65: Tennessee Williams
      -Gail Grisetti
    Post Office Now in Ludlow Basement
  • Page 2

    Letters To The Editor
    • Poet-Kingmanship
        -Richard Deutch
    Letters To The Editor
    • A Civilized College Community?
        -Elizabeth Stambler
    Letters To The Editor
    • Proud of Quarterly Review
        -The Editor
    Science Club Elects Officers
    Paul Goodman: The Vietnam War


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