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Volume 6, Number 7 April 2nd, 1965


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  • Page 1

    Station WBCR Formulates Plans
    Viet Nam Study-In Planned For Wed.
    BRAC: On the Pickett Line
    Community Investigates Evaluation Process
    • Kline Reads Three Deinhard Evaluations
    • Hollander Offers Convocation Money for Part of Deinhard Salary
    • Calls for More Effective EPC
    • Koblitz Stresses Nature Of Evaluation
  • Page 2

    Art Historian At Home
    Admissions Policy May Be Modified
    Motorcycles Return After Near Extinction
  • Page 3

    Notes on the March to Montgomery
      -Jonathan Rosenbaum
  • Page 4

    Gathering of 75 Ignores Weather To Hear Hecht Read His Poetry
    Theatre: Chekhovian Comedy To Open April 28
    Fite, Phillips, Curoi Show To Run Until Vacation
    Books: The Groves of Academe
      -Frank Weinberg
    The Coral Barrier
      -Barry Fruchter
  • Page 5

    Field Period: An Asessment of Its Affect on the Community
      -Peter Irwin
  • Page 6

    Wolf At Bard
    Music: Seymore Fink
    • Excels In Technique
        -Mel Hollander
  • Page 8

    Weiss Takes Leave of Absence To Edit, Write, and Lecture
    List Of Tenured and Untenured Faculty Members
    The Spartan Side Of The Geist
    Unionization Fails
      -Harvey Fleetwood


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