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Volume 7, Number 5 March 4th, 1963


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  • Page 1

    Library Reopens in Confusion With New Floor Nearly Finished
      -Dick Cross
    New Married Couples Find Off-Campus Housing
    Clair Leonard Dies at 62
    Accreditors Here
    • Middle States Evaluation Team Arrives on Campus To Study Bard's
    • Academic Quality, Fiscal Ability
    Mrs. Wolff's Recital Set for Next Monday
    Golding Speaks Tonight in Gym
    Science Club to Show "Nature's Half Acre"
  • Page 2

    • Married Students' Housing
    For Mr. Leonard
      -David R. Moulton
    No Jobs in Washington
      -David Jacobowitz
    Community Council
      -Lane Sarasohn, Chairman of Council
    WXBC to Continue Last Semesters' Work
    Lilian MacKendrick To Talk on Art, Life
  • Page 3

    Misfits in Belgian Education
      -M. F. Christiaens
    Deinhard Plans Trip to Europe
  • Page 4

    School Fires Mrs. Bollard
    Druckman's Work Issued on Records
    EPC Minutes for Dec. 11
    A Ghanaian in Bulgaria
    Parking Lot Now In Use
  • Page 5

    Motor Club Orders Films, Plans Gargantuan Rallies
      -Mark Kennedy
    First Negro Applicant To Mississippi Schools Seriously Ill in Jail
    Hyde to Speak on Oscar Wilde
    Zen and Mental Illness
    Dean's Latest Book Appears
    Coach Prepares Spring Sports
    Dean of New School To Speak on Politics
    Blind Man's Bluff
      -David Fauver
    Bird Expert to Discuss Biological Cycles
  • Page 6

    Mr. Eliot Discusses Sir Hereford Greene
    Psych. Journal To be Abstracted
    Mid-Hudson Colleges
    • Plan of Action
    B&G Plans Room Changes


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