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Volume 5, Number 5 December 3rd, 1962


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  • Page 1

    Student Admissions Committee Attacked as Ineffective, Futile
    Apathy at Bard
      -Fred Feldman
    Council Election Under Way Soon
    Kuhn of Peace Corps Will Talk With Seniors
    Purcell, Bach in Chapel Tonight
    Beggar's Opera Gets Final Polish
    Lipshitz To Speak Here This Friday
    • Considered Greatest Of Living Sculptors
  • Page 2

    • The Invisible Student
    • ["Saturday night's formal dance was a well-run affair."]
        -Michael M. Miller
    Drama Workshop
    • Raucous Lorca, Uninteresting "Noah"
        -Charles Hollander
    WTBC Disbands
  • Page 3

    Letters to the Editor
    • [". . . Propose the lavatory in the main library be opened for the student . . ."]
        -Harold A. Donohue
    Gommi's Show Opens Tonight
    Frank Eliscu Shows Method of Sculpture
    Gary Goodrow
      -Anne R. Schneider
    Leonard's Book Soon to Appear
    New College in Kingston
    Prof. Goldstein's Article Accepted for Symposium
    Report on Mid-Hudson Colleges
    • Report of Committee Appointed by Miss Blanding re An Association of Colleges
  • Page 4

    Student Plan for Curricular Changes
  • Page 5

    Let Us Now Praise Famous Dogs
    Seniors Elect Officers
    Schuyler Sees Fine Reading Of Weiss Poem
    Lit. Club: Pooh Tomorrow, Mr. Stambler Next Week
  • Page 6

    Student Leader At Queens Fired
    More on Dogs
      -Mr. Warren Strauss, Student Council
    EPC Plan Draws Faculty Interest
    Only One More Rally


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