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Volume 3, Number 5 October 29th, 1962


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  • Page 1

    Study of Classics Urged In Student Academic Plan
    EPC Works on Moderation, Greek
    Committee Foresees Expanded College
    Trustees Elect 3 New Members
    Group Asks For New Radio Station
      -David Johnson
    Public Relations Group Starts Work On Image
    Artist in Mime To Perform Here
  • Page 2

    Satire Night
      -Jack Kennedy, Entertainment Committee
    Bardians vs. Facts
      -Wally Loza
    Ergo Ego
      -Fred Feldman
    Weiss's Gunsight Published
      -Charles Hollander
  • Page 3

    Cycle Club Begun
      -Fred Feldman
    Bardians Whip Oneonta, Lose to Marist, Nyack
  • Page 4

    Lit. Club Plans Leary, Poirer, Farrell, Pooh


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