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Volume 8, Number 4 April 10th, 1962


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  • Page 1

    EPC Probes Student Teaching Experiments
    No Freshman Dorm in Fall
    Committee Chairman Answers Church Scholarship Attack
      -Clinton R. Jones
    President Tells Future Plans For College At Monday Night Meeting
    Faculty in the News
    Office Tells Plans For Reading Pd.
  • Page 2

    Observer's Spectator
    Ergo Ego
      -David Frederickson
  • Page 3

    Letters To The Editor
    • Student Disagrees With Letter From Riessman
        -Andrew Mcpherson
    Letters To The Editor
    • Project Disagrees
        -Richard Lorr, Chairman and Paul Mueller,
    Letters To The Editor
    • Student vs. Observer
        -Fred Feldman
  • Page 4

    A Yankee Is Listening
    Exceptional Child Class Takes Trips
  • Page 5

    Delights and Sorrows
      -John Patrick Parrack
  • Page 6

    Socialist to Speak Here
    Drama Dept. Names Spring Play Choice


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