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Volume 7, Number 4 March 26th, 1962


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  • Page 1

    Saturday Night Folk Sing Holds Crowd Four Hours
      -Charles Hollander
    Name Does The Trick For Bardians At Mock Assembly
      -Jack Blum
    Committee On Long-Range Planning Begins Work, Looks Into Future
    "Unknown" Committee Sends Letter to Churchmen, Hopes For Episcopal Scholarships
    College Adds Russian To Fall Term Course List
  • Page 2

    UN Assembly
    Observer's Spectator
    Letters To The Editor
    • [" . . . Students appear not to be taking part . . . In the Peace Movement . . ."]
        -Frank Riessman, Professor of Psychiatry
  • Page 3

    Letters To The Editor
    • Spectator Bad
        -John Palmer
    Letters To The Editor
    • Dislikes Column
        -Carol Davidson
    Duo Renart
    Library To Add More Periodicals
      -John Brecher
  • Page 4

    Fable of Duck Delinquint; Psychology For The Birds?
      -Jeanne Dee
    WUS Drive
    Night Course Program May Expand In Fall
    Airline Gives Students Credit
  • Page 5

    Dean Sees Two Big Advantages Here
      -Harold L. Hodgkinson
    Activities Schedule Announced
  • Page 6

    Water Level Okay, Says B&G Head
    Pres., Architect Discuss Library


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