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Volume 2, Number 4 October 9th, 1961


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  • Page 1

    Slater Slapped By Student Protest
    E. P. C. Recommends Library Improvements
    Transfers Live In Off-Campus Motels, Houses
      -Charles Hollander and Susan Eisenman
    New Faculty Interviewed
    President Rejects Frosh Reg. Plan
    Bookstore Situation Is Investigated In Survey
  • Page 2

    Letters To The Editor
    • Civil Defense
    Letters To The Editor
    • Dining Commons
        -Marjory Eckmann
    Eggheads Arise
    Ergo Ergo
  • Page 3

    From the President . . .
      -Reamer Kline
    Welcome Bomb Rally Held Here
    Kullman Conducts Judaism Seminar
      -Naomi Parver
  • Page 4

    Left Of Left
      -Richard Greener
    International Students Have Varied Ideas and Lives
      -Marjorie Eckman
  • Page 5

    Trustees Standing Committee Named
    Calendar Of Events
  • Page 6

    New Bard Soccer Team Wins First
    Five Exam Dates Set
    Classified Notice
    Psychology Club Sponsors Hospital Volunteer Work


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