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Volume 1, Number 1 April 1st, 1982


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  • Page 1

    Afro Caribbean Poetry
      -Noemi Escandell
    Poems by Nicolas Guillen, translated by Tanya Fayen
    • Get Yourself Some Money
    • Ballad of the Little Black Dwarf
  • Page 2

    Noticia's Concern
    • Letter from the Editor
      • ["What you'll find is that the Noticia will function as a social cultural vehicle of communication for writers and artists."]
      -Dave Colon
  • Page 3

    More Poems from Caribe
    Son Number Six
    Palmaris de San Juan Bantista
    Sensemaya (Snake killing song)
    Problems of Underdevelopment
  • Page 4

    Culture of Resistance
    Dear Bard Community
    • [". . .we must agree to proposals we know should be rightfully passed, but don't stimulate us or move us to action"]
        -Lisa Daniels
  • Page 5

    Short Story
    • Playing with Fire
        -Kenneth Williams
  • Page 6

    Brothers and Sisters Honor [Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]
      -Clare O'Neill Carr
  • Page 7

    ["It seems strange that we. . . Do not have a holiday to celebrate or commemorate peace in the world."]
      -Roxie E. Johnson
    Where have all the Panthers gone?
      -Allia Abdullah
    ["I am a Black American"]
      -Allia Abdullah
  • Page 8

    Art and Revolution
      -David Buger
  • Page 9

    Socially Poetic
    • Today is the Meeting of Madness Works:
        -Will "Giamo" Waeys
    Socially Poetic
    • ["It seems depression and lost vision reign here,"]
        -Bruce Handelman
  • Page 10

    Corporate Cooperation
    • Beneath It All
        -Robyn Newman
    Corporate Cooperation
    • Another Vote for Peace
    Corporate Cooperation
    • What Mountain of Earth crys. . .
        -Will "Giamo" Waeys
  • Page 11

    Dedication to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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