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Volume 4, Number 32 June 1st, 1926


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  • Page 2

    On Reading Keat's "Ode to a Grecian Urn"
      -George V. Moser
  • Page 3

    Sherwood Anderson
      -Paul Titus
  • Page 6

    Petals and Shears
      -E. N. V.
  • Page 7

    The Legend of the P. G. C.
      -John M. Myers
  • Page 10

    Virgil and His Rome
      -George A. Shrigley
  • Page 15

    The Ethical Shakespeare
      -Otto Faerber
  • Page 19

    Some of the Shows
      -Louis M. Myers
  • Page 20

    Francois Villon
      -John M. Myers


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