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Volume 5, Number 28 April 1st, 1921


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  • Page 3

    New Professor of History
    • Dr. Williams Resigns and Dr. Muller Is Appointed for Next Year
  • Page 4

    President bell to Spend Summer in England
  • Page 5

    Freshman Algebra
    • Frosh Fail to Assemble All Their Forces to Perform Revered Rite
    Alumnus Receives Distinguished Honor
    The Library
  • Page 6

    Financial Report of the College
    Students Council Conference
  • Page 7

    • New Messenger Slate Is Ratified by Undergraduates
    The Mail Box
    • St. Stephen's College not a Seminary
    Addition to Dining Hall
  • Page 8

    In Other Colleges
    Dragon Club Notes
    Chapel Notes
    Tablet for St. Stephen's Dead
    Tree Dedicated to Colonel Roosevelt
  • Page 9

    Fraternity Notes
    • Kappa Gamma Chi
    • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    • Eulexian
        -Herbert A. Donovan
    Senior Class Plants Oak Tree
  • Page 10

  • Page 12

    • Baseball Well Under Way with Fine Squad
      • Basketball
      • Bowling
  • Page 13

    To the Alumni
      -Edmund B. Wood
    Charles Rann Kennedy Lectures for Dragons
  • Page 14

    Under the Lyre Tree
  • Page 16

    President's Page
      -Bernard Iddings Bell
  • Page 4

    St. Stephen's Does Not Give the M. A. Degree After 1922


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