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Volume 9, Number 2 March 22nd, 1924


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  • Page 1

    Mummers Break Their Silence
    • Dramatic Society Produces Three Plays
      • Dr. Bell and Prof. Voorhees Again Surmount Difficulties
    Trustees Hold Quarterly Meeting
    • Approve Contracts For New Buildings
      • Dr. Balwin of Columbia Appointed to Board
    • Basketball Schedule
    Varsity Wins And Loses
    • Takes Easy Game From Albany State
      • Suffers First Defeat At Hands Of Eastman
  • Page 2

    Too Proud To Vote?
    The Great American Desert
    The President's Activities
    Willard And Judd For Dragon Club
  • Page 3

    In Memoriam Maestam
    • Algebrae Nostri
    S. A. E. Initiates Eleven Men
    Scrubs Lose at Poughkeepsie
    Lecture Recital On Beethoven
    Chapel Notes
    • President of Hobart Preaches Here
  • Page 4



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