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Volume 10, Number 2 March 7th, 1924


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  • Page 1

    White '88 Called Bishopric
    • Is Fifth Bishop Among S. S. C. Alumni
    More Gifts to Expense Fund
    University Club Recognition
    Varsity Drops Two Games
    • Hamilton Scores Easy Victory
      • Albany College Wins Ragged Game by Single Point
    Basketball Schedule
    Changes In Faculty Announced
    • Dr. Garnier Becomes Associate Professor
      • Mr. Cook Returns for a Year
    Scrubs Follow Varsity Example
    • Raymond Riordan Barely Victorious-Kingston High Wins, 16-9
  • Page 2

    Professor McDonald
    In Memoriam
    Frosh Dance Declared a Success
    Per Capita Expenditure
    • Office Publishes Some Interesting Figures
  • Page 3

    Subscribe to "Panicky Flair!"
    • Prof. Voorhees Would Force the Pace
    • Verse
    • Reverse
    Chapel Notes
    • Fr. Bray Calls For Less Theology And More Religion
      • Dean Fosbroke Preaches Here
      • Brotherhood Lenten Program
  • Page 4



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