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Volume 8, Number 2 February 8th, 1924


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  • Page 1

    Varsity Defeats Clarkson Tech.
    • Victory Registered By Narrow Margin
    Changes In Honor Courses
    • Mr. Astor Contributes
    Basketball Schedule
    What Hope For Europe?
    • Mr. Vanderlip Expects Worse Chaos-Says Supernational Imperialism Must Go
  • Page 2

    Head of Metropolitan Welfare Bureau Lectures Here
  • Page 3

    Fraternity Notes
    • Eulexian Initiates
    • K. G. X. Holds Annual Initiation and Banquet
    Sport Notes
    • Baseball Schedule Out
    • Interclass Baseball
    • Sweaters Awarded to Football Men
    • "Two Beautiful Black Eyes"
    • Coffin Still Available
    Chapel Notes
    • "Everyone Has A Gospel," Says Bishop Acheson
  • Page 4

    After Math
    • On Making a Letter


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