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Volume 6, Number 2 December 14th, 1923


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  • Page 1

    Eastern Europe Recovering
    • Expert Sees Poland Freed From French Yoke
    In Deserto
    Dr. Foster's For Boar's Head
    • College To Eat Dinner In Full Academics
  • Page 2

    Alumnus Ignotus
    Varsity Wins Practice Game
    • Rhinebeck Badly Beaten
    Dragon Club Entertains One Of Its Founders
    • Fr. Sherwood Is Guest At Meeting
    Xmas Cheer
    Owed To Lydie
    • C. C. N. Y. (Christian) Mercury
  • Page 3

    Chapel Notes
    • President Bell Opens Advent Season With Sermon-Dr. Pomeroy of General
    • Seminary Preaches
    Alumni Note
    A Communication
    Fraternity Notes
    • Packard '26 Is "Kapped"
  • Page 4

    The President's Activities


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