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Volume 6, Number 1 December 6th, 1922


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  • Page 1

    The Junior Prom. A Success
    • Many Couples Enjoy First Big Dance of Year
    Mrs. Haley Fiske Lectures On The Delinquent Girl
    Football Schedule
    A College Of The First Class
    Varsity Loses To Providence College 22-13
    • Team Fights Hard But Succumbs To Break In Final Quarter
  • Page 2

    Clean Play
    A Communication
    American Colleges To Erect A Memorial In Louvain
    Alumni Notes
    Football Team Given Extra Vacation
    Secretary of Near East Relief Makes Appeal at Chapel Service
  • Page 3

    Distinguished Preachers During December
    Kingston H. S. Beats Scrubs 6-0
    Fraternity Notes
    • Kappa Gamma Chi
  • Page 4

    Gifts To College
    Xmas Recess
    Thanksgiving Day
    Dr. Bell In Buffalo
    S. A. E. House Party


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