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Volume 2, Number 14 October 15th, 2034


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    Katherine Warren To Play the Lead In "Wuthering"
    • Katherine Warren To Play the Lead In "Wuthering"Harriott Marshall To Do "Isobel" in Bronte Story
    Bard Soccer Team Wins Over Trinity Eleven By 3 to 2
    • Well Played Game Gives Booters First Victory of Current Season
    Harriers Downed In Opening Meets
    • Coast Guard and Wesleyan Win At Annandale
    Facilities of F. P. A. Open To Student Membership Now
    • Outstanding Men To Speak At Saturday Meetings In New York
    A Treatise On The Youngest Science: Psychology
      -Hugh Rockwell
    Dr. Butler Sees Universities Dividing Into Small Units
    • Tells Bard Students Large Institutions Will All Be Reorganized In 50 Years President Speaks At Dinner In Honor Of His Visit
    World Civilization Is Flying To Bits Says Dr. Butler
    • Claims Liberal Education Is Only Way To Reverse Revolutionary Trend
    Three Fraternities Pledge New Men
    • Twelve Neophytes Result of Short Rushing
  • Page 2

    The Foreign Policy Association
    The Waning Credit System
    The Sport of Controversary [sic]
    Freshman Rules
    Installation of Organ Will Be Finished in December
    Poetry and Such
    • $4.98
    English Club Meets
  • Page 3

    School Harriers Again To Race Over Bard Course
    Lefever Downs Ted Smyth Taking Fall Singles Crown
    Staff Appointments
    Professor Finds Sleeping Students Learn Most
  • Page 4

    Alumni Column
      -W. Judson Rand
    Dean and Dr. Harry Speak at Classical Club Assembly
    Catskill Mountains Climbed by Bard Outing Club


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