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Volume 2, Number 7 December 7th, 1933


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  • Page 1

    Soccer Season Brought To Close
    • Defeat By Hamilton Ends Six Game Campaign
    Scarlet Harriers End Hard Season
    • Superior Opposition Met in Each of Five Races
    Dr. Edwards Called To Summer School
    • Appointed To Teach Social Sciences At Columbia
    Discussion Groups Draw Up Programs
    • Future Vocations Topic Dealt With By Students
    Basketball Schedule 1933-34
    Be On Hand!
    22 Men Pledged By Fraternities
    • Three Groups Extend Bids To Twenty-Five Students
    Hockey Men Plan For Busy Season
    40 Couples Attend Junior Dance
    • Prom Held In Gymnasium; Bill Dehy and Orchestra Play In Attractive Hall
    • Fraternity Parties Held on Following Evening
    44 Undergraduates Officially Enrolled
    • Matriculation Ceremony Held in Bard Chapel
    Dean and Trustees Plan for College
    • Contemplate Development of Study Program
    32 Men Singing In College Choir
    • Drs. Garabedian and Smith Directing Musical Unit
  • Page 2

    Fall Folly
    Literature and News
    Intra-Mural Sport
      -W. J. R.
    Midnight Madness
      -Jack W. Lydman
    For Those In Love-
      -John Hicks
    November Revelry
      -John Mears
    Back Numbers
    Down The Grind with Ferdinand Fitch
  • Page 3

      -Howard R. Murphy
    Pawling School Wins Cup in School Run
    240 New Books Added To Library
    Seniors and Sophs Tie In Soccer
    Rev. Searing '73 Dies In New York
    Discussion Groups Draw Up Programs
    Orient Theater Nearing Completion
    Poetry and Such
    • How Sweet Your Mouth
        -E. R.
    Soccer Season Brought To Close
    Dragon Club Planning Series of Lectures
    Contributors' Column
      -Chief Long Rifle
  • Page 4

    Dr. Nock 'Stumbles' On 'Happy' State
    Junior Varsity Schedule
    Dr. Harry Reads Play to "Soviet"
    Basketball Team To Meet Drew


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