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Volume 1, Number 12 November 11th, 1932


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    Fall Play in Preparation
    • "Arms and the Men" to Be Given
    New Men Outstrip In Brain Test
    Junior Prom To-Night In Gymnasium
    • Ken Lee's Orchestra Will Provide Music For First Formal Dance of the Year
    • "Scotty" To Officiate
    Many Week-End Guests Arrive
    • Patrons Announced
    Boar's Head Dinner To Be December 20
    Coach Leeke Reviews Sports
    • Praises Spirit of Team, Playing for Sport of the Game
    House Dances Tomorrow
    • Fraternities to Hold Informal Affairs
    Matriculation Held On Founders' Day
  • Page 2

    To The Prom Girl
    Organ Music In The Chapel
    An Essay: On Wives In General
      -Theo. R. Joseph
    Doings of the Class of 1932
    Class of 1936 Holds Election
    The Lyre Tree Platform
    Harold Henry-Pianist
      -T. J. B., Marcus Burr Mallett
    K. G. X. Pledges
  • Page 3

    Soccer Team Beats Hamilton in Season's Finale
    • Oustinoff Stars for Saints; Mitton Tallies Twice
    Cross Country Season Ended
    Provost's Notice!
      -Harold R. Phalen, Provost
    A Rhodes Scholar At Oxford
    • An Impression of Oxford
    College Clubs
    • German Club
    • French Club
    Magister et Discipulus
    • Magister
    • Discipulus
        -Marcus Burr Mallett
    Fraternity Notes
    • Kappa Gamma Chi
    • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    • Eulexian
  • Page 4

    Continuation Of Previous Articles


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