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Volume 4, Number 11 November 20th, 1931


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  • Page 1

    Cross Country Season Ended
    • Conn. Aggies Win in Last Race Over Saints by Score of 38 to 22
    Bell Breaks Four-Mile Course Record
    Junior Prom To-Night At Beekman Arms
    • Gala Affair To Be Preceded By Formal Dinner Dehey's Albany Orchestra
    • Of Ten Pieces To Provide Music
      • Governor Roosevelt and Bishop Stires Among Patrons
    Freshmen Beat Seniors By 1-0
    • Oustinoff Scores As Favorites Upset Before Sunday Attack
    Fall Plays Presented
    Columbia Group Visits College
    • Group on Instruction Makes Investigation Here
    Dr. Watson Gives Talk
    Coach Leeke Reviews Sports
    • Praises Spirit of Team, Playing For Sport of the Game
        -Stanley H. Leeke, Director of Athletics
  • Page 2

    Junior Class Diligence
    Cooperation Of Departments
    A Passing Glance At Local Talent
    French Club Meets
    College News
    Columbia Shows Student Decrease
    Interclass Soccer Receives Enthusiasm
  • Page 3

    Fraternity Notes
    • Kappa Gamma Chi
    • S. A. E.
    Tentative Plans For '32 "Sketch Book"
      -James Paul, Chairman
    Crabbs Back Tonight
    Frosh Diary
  • Page 4

    Avoid Proms


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