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Volume 9, Number 9 April 2nd, 1930


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    Wets Win Prohibition Poll
    • Overwhelming Majority Oppose Enforcement of Prohibition
      • Ninety-seven Per Cent of Entire College Is Canvassed for Straw Vote
      • Ballot Reveals Seven Drinkers Favor Enforcement-Sixteen
      • Per Cent Teetotalers
    Sketch-Book Progress Will Allow Volume To Appear May 9th
    • Three Publications to Be Issued on Senior Ball Week-end
    E. F. Albee Dies At Palm Beach
    • Benefactor of College Heart Disease Victim
      • College Mourns Loss; Requiem Mass Held
    Baseball Candidates Start Spring Practice
    • Season's Schedule Announced By Banks
    Kappa Gamma Chi Admits 5 New Men
    Honorary Club For Athletics Formed
    • Constitution
      • St. Stephen's College Varsity Club
    Honorary Club For Athletics Formed
    • L. Smith to Head New Group-Lemley Elected Vice-President
      • Club Numbers 8 Members
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Initiates Five Men
    • Formal Banquet Marks the Founding of Fraternity
      • Seventy-Four Years Old
    Speakers Are Named for 1930 Commencement
    Choir Again Sings Services In Hudson
    • First Trip on Schedule Completed With Success
    Orators To Compete For Prizes In May
    • Eight Contestants Already Signed for in Forensic Battle
  • Page 2

    What Is Your Opinion?
    • Crowded Commencement Conditions
      • "Cujus Re Hac Diploma Testimonium Sit"
    Potential Dates Given For Play
    • Mummers to Aid Hospital Benefit
    J. B. Pratt Of Williams Lectures On Missions
    • Can One Religion Justly Send Missionaries Into Foreign Lands?
    Bloomquist-Mellon Engagement Announced
    Editor's Note
  • Page 4

    Bowling Tournament
    Alumni News


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