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Volume 7, Number 9 February 19th, 1930


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  • Page 1

    Ralph Adams Cram Speaks On Architecture
    • Lectures Before Religion Class-Points Out Sacramental Nature of Art
    Twelve Men Leave College At Mid-Year's
    • Statistics Show Ranking of Classes-Seniors Lead
    Seniors To Dedicate Annual To Dr. Edwards
    • Social Science Professor Chosen By Popular Ballot
    "Candida" Chosen As Spring Play
    • Mummers Go Into Rehearsal February 10
    Scarlet Hockey Team Wins Uphill Game
    • Noses Out Conn. Aggies in Extra Period 6 to 5-K. Smith Decides Game in Last Minute Play
    Warden Presides At Convocation Meeting
    Alpha Phi Gamma Elects New Members
    • Six Men Honored By National Journalistic Fraternity
  • Page 2

    • The Sun Rises in the East
    Public Opinion
    Hockey Team Wins Freak Game In Poughkeepsie
    The Small College Idea Scores Again
  • Page 3

    Alumni Notes
    Upsula Trounces Saints
    • Visitors Retain Lead Thru-out the Game
    Princeton Men Forsake Ministry
    Fraternity Row
    • Eulexian
    • K. G. X.
    Recent Survey Reveals Interesting Material
    Seton Hall Quintet Trims St. Stephen's
    • Visitors Win By Rally In Fourth Quarter
    • Al. G. E. Bra, '33.
    • Funeral Well Attended
  • Page 4

    Dr. Gardner Delivers Dynamic Sermon
    • Speaks At First Sunday Service of New Semester


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