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Volume 4, Number 9 November 22nd, 1929


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  • Page 1

    Rev. Fr. Hoffman Gives Interesting Chapel Address
    Warden's Cup Is Awarded To Waeber
    • First Year Man Wins Campus Tennis Tournament
    Saints Trail in Triangular X-Country Meet
    • Amherst Takes First Place; Mass. Aggies Second
    Thanksgiving Service In Chapel
    Junior Promende Occasions Festive Week End For College
    • Prom to be in Memorial Gumnasium November 22nd.
    • Fraternity Breakfasts and Tea Dances Feature Saturday's Program
      • Fraternity Open-House Parties Saturday Evening
        • Patrons and Patronesses Are Announced
  • Page 2

    "A Word to the Wise"
    To The Prom Girl
    Dr. Bell Gives Poetry Reading
    New Books In Hoffman Library
    Fraternity Row
      -K. G. X., S. A. E.
    What Do You Know?
    • Questions
  • Page 3

    New Items Of Particular Interest To The College
    New Trustees
    Whalesback Run Record Broken
    • Perella and Pepper Lower Capt. Imrie's Time
    What Do You Know?
    • Answers
  • Page 4

    Basketball Season Succeeds Soccer
    • First Game With Eastman, December 4, At Home
    University of Vermont Beats Scarlet Harriers
    • Sprague and Kates Make Good Time In Their First Race


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