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Volume 2, Number 1 April 1st, 1982


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  • Page 1

      -Andrea Nussinow
    Table of Contents
  • Page 2

    Strike Force
    • A Subjective/Objective Report
        -Nelson Bragg
  • Page 8

    Record World News
  • Page 9

    • Professor Steve Andors
        -Nelson Bragg
  • Page 13

      -Art Carlson
  • Page 15

    Senior Project Notes
      -Alice Knapp
  • Page 18

    The Women Studies Program: Past Present and Future?
  • Page 20

    Hirsch Fire
      -George Hunka
    To the Editors:
    • ["It has come to my attention that Bard College residents have been jerking off into Kleenex. . ."]
        -Mrs. Eileen Elder
    In the News
      -George Hunka
    A Response to Emily Armour
    • ["NO, not under any circumstances will we fuck, suck or violate you. In short, we shit upon you from a great height."]
        -The Lost Cause
  • Page 21

    Fashion: A Whole New World
      -George Hunka
    • Brian Friel
        -Review by Andrew Joffe
  • Page 22

    May Calendar at Cash's Music Bar
  • Page 23

      -Review by Andrew Joffe
  • Page 24

    Cliches [Cartoon]
  • Page 25

    Letter to the Editor
    • ["I want to congratulate you. . ."]
        -Leon Botstein


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