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Volume 1, Number 1 September 1st, 1980


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    Table of Contents
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    The New Regime!
      -s. b.
  • Page 4

    Letters to the Editor
    • ["I'd like to ask why everybody uses words like "Bourgeois," "Materialism," and "Capitalist Pig" so much?"]
        -Peter F.
    Letters to the Editor
    • ["I'm not happy with the treatment I've been receiving from the teacher."]
        -Suzy L.
  • Page 5

    Freshman Rules
  • Page 6

    Housing Crisis Solved!
      -g. m.
  • Page 7

      -Leila Abib
  • Page 10

    News Around the World
      -Leila Abib
  • Page 11

    Audio Seminar System
      -g. m.
  • Page 12

    Faculty Art Show
  • Page 13

    Hard Bard Poster of the Month
    Big Time Tee-Vee Hero
  • Page 14

  • Page 15

    • ["This publication is not meant to offend anyone!"]
        -s. b.


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