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Volume 7, Number 2 October 27th, 1966


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  • Page 1

    Council Accepts H.P.C. Proposal
    • Literature Club Magazine Withdrawn for Lack of Funds
  • Page 2

    Linda Boldt's Reply to Dan Grady on Women's Curfew
      -Linda Boldt
  • Page 3

    Pennies From Heaven or Has Anyone Seen a Money Tree Lately?
      -Ilene Rosen
  • Page 4

    In Defense of the Gadfly
      -Jeff Mortimer
  • Page 5

    Utopia? Really?
      -Connie Harding
    Upon Reading "Beer and Tomato Juice"
      -B. Solvinsky
  • Page 6

    Letters to the Editors:
    • From Gary S. Bratman
    Letters to the Editors:
    • From Alexander Boulton


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